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Rockie Jacobsen

Rockie Jacobsen, Bugling Bull Game Calls LLC

Rockie Jacobsen is the owner of Bugling Bull Game Calls LLC and the inventor of the "Palate Plate" diaphragm call. He is a three time World Champion Elk caller in the Mountain Elk Foundation's World Championship Calling Contest. His calling skill and notoriety bring a flood of requests for seminars each year and he commonly gives 20 to 30 separate Elk Calling seminars each summer. He uses his prominence and takes advantage of the captive audiences at his seminars to promote sponsor products in front of hundreds of western hunters. He also sells a complete line of instructional DVDs where he passes on the tips and secrets that have allowed him to shoot over 50 public land Bulls. Rockie brings his Elk Calling expertise to television and has been a TV host on hunting shows.

Bugling Bull Game Calls LLC
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